Specimen set (n = 125) identified by the commercial source for comparison of PolyTiter and serial dilution for determination of endpoint titer

ParameterNo. of specimens
Specimen type
Staining pattern of positive specimens
    Golgi body2
    Mitochondrial (AMA)1
Staining pattern of mixed specimens
    Speckled & nucleolar7
    Homogeneous and nucleolar2
    Homogeneous and speckled1
    Homogeneous and spindle1
    Speckled and cytoskeletal2
    Speckled and mitochondrial3
    Centromere and mitochondrial1
    Centromere and cytoskeletal1
    Nucleolar, centromere, and mitochondrial1
    Nucleolar, homogeneous, and speckled1
    Homogeneous, rim, speckled, and cytoskeletal1