Recognition of autologous tumor cellsa

HistologyTarget cell linesHPV typeEffector TIL % spe- cific lysisShared MHC alleles
MelanomaMel 39715A1
Mel 6422
Renal cell cancerRCC19400A1
RCC18970A1, C1
Colorectal cancerSW4800B7
Cervical cancerHT30Nil
Caski160B7, DR8, 15, DQ4, 6
Siha160DR15, DQ6
C41180A1, DR8, DQ4
Me180680A1, C7
CC-H11640All alleles (autol- ogous tumor)
CC-H1+ anti- class I MAb1638
CC-H1+ anti- class II MAb1615
FibroblastsCC-H1 fibroblasts0
  • a Tumor cell lines of different histology were used to evaluate MHC class II-restricted recognition of the CD4+ TIL line from patient MZ-CC01-3 in a standard 51Cr-release assay. Note that TIL recognize exclusively autologous tumor cells, which could be blocked using an anti-MHC class II (DR)-specific MAb (clone 243). TIL do not recognize the cervical cancer cell line Caski, which has both HLA-DR and HLA-DQ alleles and also harbors HPV-16. All target cell lines could potentially be lysed, since they represent targets for 7-day LAK cells cultured in 1,000 IU of IL-2/ml. TIL lines from patients MZ-CC01-1 or MZ-CC01-2 did not lyse autologous tumor cells (data not shown). We noted no difference between lysis and cytokine (IFN-γ) production regarding the response to the targets listed in the table (data not shown).