Table 2.

Stability of CCR5 RNA transcripts in dried blood spots

Specimen IDa (CCR5 genotypeb)Signal (ECL units) at the indicated timec with the indicated probed
Time zero3 mo6 mo12 mo
CC103 (WT/WT)80,38144110,9447077,9733620,9981
CC106 (WT/WT)223,213201222,38517062,2563560,0823
CC107 (WT/WT)45,3785426,98616,563223,9071
CC149 (WT/WT)60,06155120,5619185,719343,0171
CC113 (WT/Δ32)34,747121,90531,596127,5893,216144,62610,97356,286
  • a ID, identification.

  • b WT/WT, homozygous WT CCR5 genotype; WT/Δ32, heterozygous CCR5 genotype.

  • c Dried blood spots were analyzed within 48 h of inoculation of blood collection cards (time zero) or 3, 6, or 12 months after inoculation of blood collection cards.

  • d WT, WT CCR5 allele probe; Mut, Mut CCR5 allele probe.