Table 2.

Lymphocyte function in the patient

Stimulus Value ina:Reference valuesb
April 1997July 1998
 Enterotoxin A281143–81
 Protein A of Staphylococcus aureus1049–14
 Protein A + PMA262222–28
Monoclonal antibodies
 α-CD2 + PMA543133–77
 α-CD3 + PMA253156–78
 α-CD26 + PMA295630–98
 α-CD28 + PMA233815–100
 α-CD69 + PMA61411–36
 PHA + PMA404859–72
 ConA + PMA51048–87
 PWM + PMA111132–54
  • a PBMC function is expressed as the net relative percentage of each stimulus to the maximum stimulus. The maximum stimulus or 100% response is equal to the stimulus obtained with PHA plus IL-2, done in parallel for each experiment. Relevant data are shown in boldface.

  • b Reference values were obtained from healthy children under age 14 years assayed in parallel.