Table 2.

Relevant results of clinical trials investigating immunological functions in IL-2 treated, HIV-positive patientsa

ReferenceCytokine productionRecall antigen responseHIV-specific responseApoptosisThymic function
De Paoli et al. (15)IL-2 ↑, IL-4 ↑
Blanco et al. (5)Chemok. =
Kelleher et al. (30)TT =, SS =Gag =, Pol =
Levy et al. (36)PPD ↑CTL =
Caggiari et al. (9)AICD =
De Paoli et al. (submitted)TRECs =
  • a Symbols and abbreviations: =, not modified; ↑, increased; AICD, activation-dependent cellular death; TT, tetanus toxoid; SS, streptokinase-streptodornase; PPD, purified protein derivative; Chemok., chemokine; CTL, cytotoxic T lymphocyte.