Table 5.

Resolution of phylogenetic groups in rep-PCR dendrograms in relation to cycling regimen and use of single versus multiple cyclers

Fingerprint typePhylogenetic group(s) fully (partiallya) resolvedb
Single-cycler dendrogramsCombined-cycler dendrograms
Standard cycling65-TD cycling
Cycler ACycler BCycler ACycler BStandard cycling65-TD cycling
BOXA1RNoneA (B1)NoneNone (A, B2)NoneNone
ERIC2B2B2cB2 (A)A, B2dNone (A, B2)A, B2
CompositeB2A (B2)eA, B2A, B1, B2fNone (A, B2)B2 (A)
  • a Partially resolved, one or two (single-cycler dendrograms) or one to three (combined-cycler dendrograms) scrambled fingerprints per phylogenetic group.

  • b Nine fingerprints per phylogenetic group in single-cycler dendrograms and 18 fingerprints per group in combined-cycler dendrograms.

  • c Shown in Fig. 4, upper left panel.

  • d Shown in Fig. 4, upper right panel.

  • e Shown in Fig. 4, lower left panel.

  • f Shown in Fig. 4, lower right panel.