Table 6.

Correspondence of rep-PCR and MLEE distances

ECOR groups analyzedLinear regression, rep-PCRa vs MLEEb
ERIC2 fingerprintsComposite fingerprints
Standard cycling65-TD cyclingStandard cycling65-TD cycling
rP valuerP valuerP valuerP value
All but A0.060.610.
All but B10.260.030.42<0.0010.280.020.43<0.001
All but B20.
All but D0.140.250.310.010.070.560.330.008
All but nonaligned0.230.070.41<0.0010.260.040.53<0.001
A, B2, D0.510.0010.69<0.0010.54<0.0010.79<0.001
  • a Pearson correlation coefficients from pairwise comparisons of rep-PCR fingerprints between strains.

  • b m/n for pairwise comparisons of enzyme electrophoretic mobility polymorphisms between strains, wherem is the number of mismatched loci and n is the total number of loci evaluated by MLEE using 38 metabolic enzymes (23). Data are from the Thomas Whittam laboratory website ( /People/Faculty/Whittam/Lab).