Table 1.

IgG subclass responses to homologous LPS in plasma of cholera patients

V. cholerae serotypeIgG subclassGMTa (rangeb)Fold increasecResponder frequency (%)dPe
O1IgG1393 (251–604)12.490<0.007
IgG2101 (42–240)20900.009
IgG3322 (214–467)6.6800.009
IgG449 (32–75)680 NS
O139IgG1676 (485–942)5800.009
IgG237 (28–50)9.4700.03
IgG3764 (586–916)5900.002
IgG4146 (92–231)2.560 NS
  • a At 11 days after onset of disease.

  • b GMT ± 1 SEM.

  • c Increase of GMT at day 11 compared to that at the acute stage at day 2 after onset of disease.

  • d Percentage showing a twofold increase in titer.

  • e Statistical analyses (difference between titers at the acute stage and convalescence) were carried out by using the Wilcoxon signed rank test; P < 0.05 was considered significant.