Table 2.

IgA subclass responses to rCTB and homologous LPS in fecal extracts from cholera patients

IgA subclassAntigenV. choleraeserotypeGMTa (rangeb)Fold increasecResponder frequencyd (no. of responders/total)Pe
IgA1rCTBO112 (8.4–16.8)7.775 (9/12)NS
O1395.4 (3.4–9.0)3.367 (9/13)NS
LPSO17.0 (4–12)2.767 (8/12)NS
O1394.2 (3.2–5.6)2.367 (9/13)0.34
IgA2rCTBO122.0 (16–30)5.2100 (12/12)NS
O13916.0 (10.4–23)5.275 (10/13)0.03
LPSO17.5 (6–10)2.567 (8/12)NS
O1397.5 (4–15)2.055 (7/13)NS
  • a GMT (specific titer/total IgA) at 11 days after onset of disease.

  • b GMT ± 1 SEM.

  • c Increase of GMT at day 11 compared to that at the acute stage at day 2 after onset of disease.

  • d Percentage showing a twofold increase in titer.

  • e Statistical analyses (difference between titers at the acute stage and convalescence) were carried out by using the Wilcoxon signed rank test; P < 0.05 was considered significant.