Table 7.

Effects of timing of P-IGIV on leukocytosis and weight loss after aerosol challenge in mice

GroupGeometric mean WBC count (103 cells/mm3) at (days postchallenge):Change in wt (g) at (days postchallenge)b:
3 days6 days10 days14 days0–7 days7–14 days0–14 days0–28 days
Uninfected controls5.97.07.310.
 Days 6 and 728.5104.170.545.
 Days 8 and 929.1157.9219.668.5−0.1−0.04−0.13.6
 Days 10 and 1223.2111.3259.3237.51.6−1.7−0.1
 Days 14 and 1824.2108.9263.41.9−1.80.2
  • a All survivors in the P-IGIV-treated groups showed normalization of leukocytosis by day 28 postchallenge, a finding not statistically different from the results for uninfected controls at day 28 (P > 0.05).

  • b Change in geometric mean.