Table 5.

Effects of P-IGIV dose on leukocytosis and weight loss after aerosol challenge in mice

Group (dose [mg/kg])Geometric mean WBC counts (103 cells/mm3) at (days postchallenge):Change in wt (g) at (days postchallenge)g:
3 daysa7 daysb14 days21 days28 daysc0–7 daysd7–14 days0–14 days0–28 dayse
Uninfected controls7.
  • a There was no difference between all P-IGIV groups and the saline group (P > 0.05), except for the 88-mg/kg P-IGIV group (P < 0.05).

  • b All P-IGIV values were significantly higher than the uninfected controls (P < 0.01), except for the 175-mg/kg P-IGIV group (P > 0.05).

  • c All P-IGIV groups had WBC counts similar to those of uninfected controls (P > 0.05).

  • d On day 14, all P-IGIV groups weighed significantly less than the uninfected controls (P < 0.01).

  • e By day 28 all P-IGIV groups had regained normal weight (P > 0.05).

  • f —, all mice were dead prior to day 14.

  • g Change in geometric mean.