Table 2.

Clinical conditions of individuals whose specimens were nonreactive by STa

ConditionNo. of individuals who were ST negative
Infectious diseases, viral
 Hepatitis (viral, unclassified)24
 Hepatitis A75
 Hepatitis B (chronic or carrier state or a contact)41
 Hepatitis C (or contact with hepatitis C)175
 Rubella (or contact)8
Parasitic disease (toxoplasmosis)16
Infectious diseases, bacterial
 Urinary tract infection4
Hematological disorders22
Renal disorders4
Diverse infections or conditions90
 Asthma or allergy related4
 High risk for HIV infection or AIDS55
 Pregnancy (or suspected pregnancy)5
 Spontaneous abortion44
  • a The four false-positive specimens in this study were from individuals with typhoid fever (n = 1) and hepatitis (n = 1 unclassified hepatitis and n = 2 hepatitis C).