Table 1.

Classification of the 56 patients with acquired or congenital toxoplasmosis according to duration of infection, clinical expression, and results of conventional serological tests

Patient groupNo. of patientsClinical and/or serological criteria
Seroconversions or recent infectionsa23Negative results for IgG and IgM become positve by at least two different techniques and results are confirmed by examination of a third sample, or increasing titers of IgG with the presence of specific IgM (no information about previous negative results available)
Toxoplasmic lymphadenopathy19Lymphadenopathy of 3 wk to 6 mo in duration (mean, 8.3 wk) and presence of specific IgM with increasing or high IgG levels
Chronic infections4Enrolled 6 mo to 8 yr (mean, 13 mo) after the first positive Toxoplasma serology has been documented and stable or decreasing IgG titers with or without IgM
Ocular toxoplasmosisb10Fresh retinochoroidal lesions, recent vision impairment from 2 wk to 3 mo (mean, 6 wks), and low and stable IgG titers
  • a Twenty asymptomatic pregnant women and three patients with lymphadenitis in the course of coexisting other infectious disease (rubella or varicella).

  • b The patients were suspected of having a reactivation of congenital toxoplasmosis.