Table 1.

Light microscopy and PCR results for 10 patients with intestinal microsporidiosis

PatientOrganism detected by light microscopyAmplicon size(s) (bp) by PCR using primer pair V1-PMP2Result of PCR using primer pair:
1 E. bieneusi 250PositiveNegative
2 E. bieneusi 250PositiveNegative
3 E. bieneusi 250PositiveNegative
4 E. bieneusi 250, 270PositivePositive
5 E. bieneusi or Encephalitozoonsp.250PositiveNegative
6 Encephalitozoonsp.270NegativePositive
7 Encephalitozoonsp.270NegativePositive
8 Encephalitozoonsp.270NegativePositive