Table 1.

Expression of RAK antigens in women with breast cancer

Tissue or cells No. of samples tested/no. (%) positive for RAK antigen
Breast cancer125/119a 6b (95.2, 4.8)
NAT70/8a 9b (11.4, 12.9)
Normal breastc40/3a 1b (7.5, 2.5)
Breast with fibrocystic disease35/2a 1b (5.7, 2.8)
Breast reductiond10/1b (10)
Breast milk10/0 (0)
Skin10/0 (0)
Placenta2/0 (0)
MCF 7, SiHaeA,a B,a Ca
  • a Moderate to very high expression of RAK p120, p42, and p25.

  • b Low expression of all three antigens or expression of only two antigens.

  • c The majority of “normal” tissues were obtained from the cancer-affected breast.

  • d Breast reduction cases are theoretically normal cases. In the United States, one of every eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime; therefore, some premalignant changes may occur.

  • e MCF 7 and SiHa are breast and cervical cell lines, respectively, grown under laboratory conditions for 1 year (A) or 2 to 3 weeks (B) or freshly supplied by ATCC.