Phenotypic characterization of intestinal macrophages and monocytesa

CompoundFunctionIntestinal macrophagesCirculating monocytes
CD11b (CR3)α Subunit of complement receptor 3++++++
CD123 (IL-3R)IL-3 receptor α chain++
CD13Aminopeptidase N++++++++++
CD14Receptor for LPS-LBP complex+++++
CD16 (FcγRIII)Low-affinity Fc receptor++
CD25 (IL-2R)IL-2 receptor α chain+
CD25 + LPS+++
CD32 (FcγRII)Low-affinity receptor for aggregated Ig+++++
CD33bBinds sialoconjugates++++++++++
CD36Scavenger receptor++++++
CD44Binds hyaluronic acid++++++++
CD64 (FcγRI)High-affinity receptor for IgG+++
CD68 (macrosialin)Unknown+++++++
CD89 (FcαR)IgA receptor+++++
HLA-DRMHC class II++++++++++
Acid phosphatase++++++++
Nonspecific esterase++++++++++
TLR1-5Toll-like receptor+++++
  • a Data were collected from references 1 and 112 to 115. LBP, LPS-binding protein.

  • b A useful marker of intestinal macrophages by flow cytometry.