Bound conjugate does not migrate during analysis from one bead set to the comparable bead set bearing antibodies of the same isotypea

Conjugate(s) added (duplex 1, duplex 2)MFI values forb:
Duplex 1 beadsDuplex 2 beads
PT 108FHA 104PT 112FHA 107
Anti-IgG, anti-IgA7,25316,8371,0822,608
Anti-IgG, none6,31816,01568
None, anti-IgA441,0012,442
  • a Duplex 1 beads and duplex 2 beads were treated with a serum specimen known to contain antibodies to all four analytes; after washing, the duplexes were differentially treated with conjugate as indicated in the left column. Following washing, the two duplexes (on the same line in the table) were mixed and analyzed as a tetraplex. High MFI values were associated only with the duplex receiving conjugate, indicating that there was no migration of conjugate from one duplex to the other duplex.

  • b MFI values were determined after duplexes were mixed and analyzed as a tetraplex.